Fall is officially upon us. While we may not get as dramatic a change in weather as our neighbors up north, we will be able to enjoy some cooler temperatures and seasonal events and trappings. As for your feline pal, she may need a bit of extra attention at this time of year, especially if she is a senior. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal clinic, a local vet discusses keeping older cats content and purring in fall.


By the time Fluffy ‘retires,’ she will be a master napper, capable of snoozing up to 20 hours a day. Make sure your drowsy little buddy has lots of soft beds and comfy napping spots to pick from.


Even older cats like to indulge their inner kittens sometimes. Keep your furball in mind when putting out decorations. Things like candles and potpourri burners should be in high spots that Fluffy can’t get to. You’ll also want to keep small or sharp objects and anything with ropes or cords out of paws’ reach.


Fluffy may love rolling around in the yard and pouncing at moths or lizards, but as soon as she sets those cute little paws outside, she faces some very serious risks. The shorter days are one concern. Older cats often have trouble seeing at night. This increases the chances of them getting hurt or lost. Your kitty also may not be quick or agile enough to escape or defend herself from cars, wild animals, or other threats. Keep your feline buddy indoors! This is especially important around Halloween.


As the days get shorter, you may find yourself getting home after dark. If you know your furball will be home alone after sundown, leave a light on for her. This will help Fluffy find her way around more easily, and also keep her from feeling lonely.


As the weather cools, many critters will try to get indoors at night. Rodenticides and other pest control are just as toxic to cats as they are to their intended victims. Opt for humane, non-toxic options.

Preventative Care

Keep up with Fluffy’s appointments! You’ll need to stay current with your furry friend’s vaccinations and parasite control, and monitor any developing medical issues.

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