Tomorrow is a pretty important doggy holiday: It’s National Fetch Day! There are few things cuter than watching frisky dogs hard at play! In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet clinic, a veterinarian discusses Fido’s favorite game.


As it turns out, playing Fetch with your furry buddy regularly is great for him. For one thing, it’s a fun way to keep Fido in shape. That will go a long way towards keeping him healthy, especially as he ages. Those fun games of Fetch are also good for your pup’s mind. Dogs have to think to time their jumps right, or track and find an object that landed out of sight. That mental stimulation is definitely beneficial for your canine companion! Last but not least, playing is also great for bonding with your pet.

Bonus: Tired Doggy

Another reason to play Fetch? It will tire Fido out. This can come in very handy, especially with pups that are very energetic and zoomy. If your furry best friend burns off his excess energy playing Fetch, he’ll probably be too tired afterwards to bother chasing the cat or digging up your flowerbed.

Choosing Toys

Some dogs will only fetch specific objects. Others will run after anything and everything. This is cute, but it can also be quite dangerous. Fido could crack or break his teeth playing with hard objects! Smaller items can also be choking hazards. Stick to the basics: dog toys, balls, and the occasional stick.


Fetch can also be a great life hack. If you want to teach your pooch to bring you certain objects, the first thing you want to do is teach him to Fetch. You’ll then build on that foundation by teaching him the names of different objects, and slowly teaching him to bring them to you on command. Ask your vet or a professional dog behaviorist for advice.

Dogs That Don’t Fetch

Some dogs are naturals at playing Fetch. Others? Not so much. If your canine buddy just watches the object you’ve thrown go past him, and then gives you a blank, confused look, you’re probably better off with other doggy games. Some pups also shouldn’t be encouraged to exert themselves. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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