Black Cat Appreciation Day is coming up in just a few days: it’s on November 17th. Appreciation and gratitude are also very relevant this month, with Thanksgiving coming up and all. We’re thankful for all kitties, but black cats do need some extra appreciation. A veterinarian lists some reasons why in this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal clinic.

They’re Lucky

Black cats have long had a bad rap. For centuries, they have been unfairly associated with witches. However, that hasn’t always been the case. They are actually considered good luck in many cultures. For instance, the ancient Celts believed that benevolent fairies sometimes took the shape of black cats, bringing good fortune. And in England, giving a black cat to a new bride was also considered lucky.

They Match Everything

Black never goes out of style! Fluffy always looks great, whether she has long or short fur. (Tuxedo cats are also super cute.)

They Need The Attention

Unfortunately, black cats still suffer from bad PR. They often stay in shelters longer than other kitties. They’re also disproportionately represented in shelters, sometimes comprising as much as a third of adoptable kitties in shelters. That’s very sad, because they make great pets.

They’re Very Sweet

Many people report that their black cats are super affectionate and cuddly. This actually does make sense. Our feline pals tend to be extremely loving and grateful to those who help them. Cats often suffer from depression and loneliness, especially if they’ve been stuck in a shelter for a long time, so kitties that had trouble getting adopted may be extra grateful to their saviors.

They Take Adorable Photos

All of our feline buddies are quite photogenic. However, only black cats can pull off those ‘void kitty’ photos where you can only see their eyes. Plus, Fluffy also always looks very clean and shiny!


So how does one celebrate this pawspicious occasion? If you have a black cat, get Fluffy a special treat, or perhaps a new toy. Some extra cuddles and playtime will likely also go over pretty well with your furry buddy. Of course, if you’re considering adopting a feline buddy, picking a black one would be absolutely purrfect!

Happy Thanksgiving from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal clinic! And if you happen to have a black cat, give her some attention on our behalf.