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Signs Of Pain In Animals

Ginger cat having a check-up

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This is a very important topic! Pets can’t tell us if they don’t feel well, and they can’t drive themselves to the emergency clinic. … Read More »

Teaching Your Child How To Interact With Pets

Young boy fixing a dog house with a brown furry dog

Pets and children can be a very perfect—not to mention adorable—pairing. They actually have a lot in common: they’re curious about things, love to cuddle and play, and often get … Read More »

5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe

Five gray kitties inside a wooden brown basket

You’ve probably heard the saying about cats having nine lives. Unfortunately for Fluffy, this isn’t true: kitties only get one life, just like the rest of us. However, these little … Read More »

Feeding A Rescue Dog

Group of rescue dogs eating around an older lady

The third week of July is Feed A Rescue Dog Week. This is actually to help raise donations for animal shelters. Dropping off some food to a local shelter would … Read More »

Caring For A Sick Dog

Vet in blue uniform caress a dog in the head

Is your pup recovering from illness, injury, or a surgical procedure? Whether Fido has an upset tummy or is struggling with chronic pain and/or ongoing illness, he’ll need some extra … Read More »

Fido’s Favorite Jobs

Grayish Husky on a hill with blue body bag

Take Your Dog To Work Day is coming up on June 24th. Man’s Best Friend has held a variety of jobs over the past 30,000 years or so. These range … Read More »

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