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Caring For A Blind Pet

Brown adult dog sniffing on a brown leash

Did you know that May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pets Day? Pets that are a little less than perfect often have a very hard time getting adopted. This is very sad, because they tend to be very loving and loyal. In many cases, they don’t need so much extra care as just different care. In this … Read More »

Things That Make Cats Happy

Black cat lounging with one paw forward

World Happiness Day is March 20th. Our feline friends definitely deserve a turn in the spotlight for this one! Cats really do have a special way of putting smiles on our faces. Why not brighten up your cat’s day a bit? A local vet lists some of Fluffy’s favorite things in this article from Fairfield … Read More »

DIY Cat Beds

Gray cat sleeps inside a wooden bowl

Love Your Pet Day is coming up on February 20th! If you have a kitty, make a note to pay Fluffy some extra attention. Cats are quite independent: they clean themselves, don’t need to be walked, and spend most of their time sleeping. In fact, one of the best things you can do for your … Read More »

Change a Pet’s Life Day

Puppy german shepherd gives a high five

Change A Pet’s Life Day is coming up on January 24th. When you think about changing a pet’s life, adoption day may be what first comes to mind. Going to a new home is definitely a game changer for our animal companions! However, adopting a pet isn’t the only thing you can do that can … Read More »

Tips For Taking Holiday Pet Photos

A cat and a dog on a red blanket with fairy lights

Happy Holidays! One of our favorite things at this time of year is seeing all the photos of our patients. Pets somehow manage to be extra cute at this time of year, regardless of whether they are playing with new toys or just curled up in their beds, dreaming of mice (or sugarplums). Of course, … Read More »

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Brown cat walking on snow

Black Cat Appreciation Day is coming up in just a few days: it’s on November 17th. Appreciation and gratitude are also very relevant this month, with Thanksgiving coming up and all. We’re thankful for all kitties, but black cats do need some extra appreciation. A veterinarian lists some reasons why in this article from Fairfield … Read More »

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