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Spotlight On Wolfenoot!

Two husky dogs with party hats and a dog cake

Did you know that November 23rd is Wolfenoot? Wolfenoot is a fairly new doggy holiday, but it’s a pretty important one in our book: it’s meant to celebrate our canine … Read More »

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Brownish German Shepherd snuggly on a brown floor

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. This awareness event was started by Nationwide and the Animal Cancer Foundation back in 2005, in the hopes of raising both money for … Read More »

Choosing Cat Furniture

Brown cat under a cat tower

Does your feline friend have some things of her own? Fluffy isn’t shy about using our furniture, but it’s good for her to have a few things of her own. … Read More »

Animal Safety And Protection Month: Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe

Bulldog on a white dog bed with gray couch at the back

Did you know that October is Animal Safety And Protection Month? There’s almost no end to the ways our furry friends can get themselves into trouble. Fortunately, taking some basic … Read More »

Protecting Your Dog From Snakebites

BRown German shepherd with a cobra on his side

Snakebite Awareness Day is September 19th. This is a pretty relevant topic: there are over 90 kinds of snakes here in the Lone Star State. While only about a dozen … Read More »

Signs Of Pain In Animals

Ginger cat having a check-up

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This is a very important topic! Pets can’t tell us if they don’t feel well, and they can’t drive themselves to the emergency clinic. … Read More »

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