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Guinea Pig Care Tips

Black guinea pig with black puffy eyes

March is Adopt A Guinea Pig Month! These little furballs are very cute and charming pets. They’re quiet, gentle, and easy to care for. However, they do need good TLC. … Read More »

9 Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescued Bunny


February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month! If you’re considering getting a new pet, please think about giving a cute bunny a new home. Rabbits make wonderful pets! A local … Read More »

Reasons Rabbits Make Great Pets


September 22nd is International Bunny Day! This is one occasion that we are ‘hoppy’ to celebrate! Floppy may not be quite as popular as Fluffy or Fido, but she does … Read More »

Hamster Exercise


May 10th is National Hamster Day! Hammie is a pretty cute little pet, and is very popular with kids. One issue we often see in these tiny furballs is obesity. … Read More »

Cute Ways to Pamper Guinea Pigs


Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? Are you considering getting one of these little guys? Guinea pigs—also known as cavies—are extremely cute and lovable little pets. They’re also quite … Read More »

Signs of Illness in Bunnies


Do you have a bunny? Floppy is a very cute and personable little pet! Just like any other animal, rabbits can get sick. Your pet can’t tell you if something … Read More »

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